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Our Powerful Digital Marketing Analytics and Reporting Platform

Turn big data into big dollars by streamlining and automating your operations.

Your Path of Least Resistance

In today's knowledge economy, businesses have more access to data than ever before. But extracting powerful insights from this same data — and turning that knowledge into actions — can be a daunting challenge.

Introducing Lighthouse, a powerful digital marketing analytics and reporting platform that turns mountains of big data into new, unique and real-time insights by simplifying, automating and streamlining operations. In other words, we harness your data to help you identify new opportunities that can lead to more-informed business decisions, greater operational efficiencies and, ultimately, higher gross profit margins.

Actionable Insights

Turn your data into powerful information and deep insights your team can instantly act upon.

Scale Your Agency

Streamline and automate your daily operations to help reduce errors, save money and free up time.

Client Retention

Demonstrate the value and ROI you provide to your client base through intuitive dashboards and data transparency.

Cloud Hosted

A worry-free, fully hosted solution. There's nothing to install, configure, manage, upgrade or scale.

We solve big data and reporting challenges for digital marketing agencies

It's relatively fast and easy for a digital marketing agency of any size to acquire their data, and large amounts of it, but what then? Do you wade through the minutia of information, only to deal with the shortcomings of siloed and manual reporting? Or maybe your daily operations simply lack access to a unified view of your data.

Whatever your course, we'll navigate these rough waters for you with our unique and fully automated Marketing Reporting Stack solution.

We certainly recognize that individual agencies have individual requirements based on what data sources they work with and how they prefer to see and leverage that data, but experience has taught us that, in most cases, these needs are borne from a similar situation.

Here are just a few of the challenges we've helped CEOs, Agency Directors, Managing Partners, Directors of Operations and Campaign Managers solve:

Unable to Effectively Convert Data into Actionable Insights

Your Challenge

This digital marketing agency was frustrated with having to separately login to every ad platform in order to check campaign performance. It was eating up valuable time by having to manually export reports, only to then import them into Excel to try and make sense of the data with pivot tables, charts and makeshift templates. It proved time-consuming and error-prone, not to mention monotonous, so rather than performing the task on a daily basis, which is ideal, it was pushed back to a weekly chore, which then turned into a monthly bore.

The Solution

We completely streamlined this agency's operations, resulting in the reduced risk of manual errors, saved money and freed up time by integrating scattered and siloed data into our fully automated marketing reporting solution.

Manual Process Costing Time and Money

Your Challenge

The good news is that all of your staff is being utilized on major projects and/or billing 100% of their time. The bad news is that some of your ‘high maintenance’ clients are causing project delays with tedious requests and your que is so full that even small jobs are backlogged for weeks. Telling your clients ‘no’ is not an option; it will damage your relationship and jeopardize the possibility of future work.

The Solution

With our range of experience, you can bring us into a variety of projects with as much or as little involvement as you need. We can complete small jobs with ease to allow your team to stay focused on bigger projects or work efficiently alongside them to deliver larger, more complex requirements. You can count on us to help alleviate the pressure on your team so you can feel good about the new work coming your way!

Unable to Measure your Effectiveness

Your Challenge

This digital agency believed it was ‘stuck’ with its inability to implement data-driven marketing techniques, to hypothesize, measure and act. It was frustrated by its inability to effortlessly know its Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) or its Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). As a result, it was having a difficult time demonstrating the value it was providing to its clients.

The Solution

When onboarding its team into our system, we went through a discovery process to determine the best way to increase productivity with its data. We ensured its custom dashboards and reports measured up to the task at hand and worked for it, not against it.

No Resources to Build and Maintain a Custom Solution

Your Challenge

This marketing company knew there had to be a better, more-effective way to realize faster insights on its marketing data, and showcase the value and ROI it provided. Unfortunately, it didn't have the technical or financial capacity to architect and build a solution, let alone sustain a custom platform with its own development team or with a vendor year after year.

The Solution

We automated reporting and dashboards that integrated with all of its data sources. There was nothing for it to build, nothing for it to maintain or nothing for it to manage. This business came on board and elevated the operations of its agency to a new level.

Digital Marketing Analytics Made Easy


Automated Reporting

Scale performance, knowledge and power across your agency. Your team can stop manually collecting / aggregating data and creating reports for each and every client.


Dashboards and Reports

Let us create beautiful dashboards and reports with configurable calculations that are designed and built for how you work and want to interact with your data.


Data Isolation

Select the data isolation level that is the best fit for your agency: multi-tenancy database, multi-tenancy instance or a dedicated instance.


White Glove Service

No applications to learn. No data sources or platforms for you to connect. No data to transform and correlate or reports to build on your own. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

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