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Battle-Tested Custom Application Development Services.

Your success depends on rock-solid execution and delivery by a reliable technical partner. We're ready to go when you are.

With our expertise and proven experience as a custom application development company, we can help you:

  • Realize your vision by successfully developing your custom application
  • Meet budget and aggressive investor deadlines through efficient process and performance
  • Increase productivity by delivering high-quality results
  • Satisfy project requirements with technical expertise you may not have in-house
  • Solve problems quickly with design ingenuity, productive ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Save costs by having access to on-demand talent only when you need it rather than hiring more staff
  • Keep your team focused on their core responsibilities and reduce distractions

Custom Application Development Services

  • Free Consultations
  • Business & Process Automation
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Application Development
  • Web Applications
  • Serverless Applications
  • Platform & API Development
  • Prototype & MVP Development
  • Product & SaaS Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Sustainment & DevOps

Leading companies rely on Northsail

Annex Digital Consulting Group
Alzheimer Society Canada
Adlift Media
Central Fresh Market
Smash Reality

We Solve Custom Application Challenges for Companies Just Like You

Do you have an application idea for your business that will become your main revenue stream? Do you require custom developed software to help your business operate?

If so, partnering with a custom application development company is just what you need to help get your business off the ground.

While each custom developed application solution will be different based on a company's requirements; experience has taught us that in many cases every unique application starts by addressing similar business needs.

Some of the most commons challenges we’ve helped our clients solve include:

Missing a specific expertise

Your Challenge

You have almost everything you need for success; the brilliant idea, domain specific knowledge, and capital. You’re just missing the technological skillset to get the application idea off the ground. There’s no budget or time to hire a new employees with the tech expertise you need and all of the other pieces you have won’t matter if you can’t launch.

The Solution

With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we can jump into projects and get up to speed quickly with minimal handholding. We’re keen listeners and will collaborate with you on approach options based on your needs, budget and technology requirements. Using our technical expertise, you’ll receive an elegant custom developed application that will scale cost effectively with demand from your user base. Now you can watch your idea grow rather than your salary budget.

Too many hats to wear

Your Challenge

You have so many facets of the business to manage; a million details everyone wanted confirmed yesterday and your deadlines are merciless. How are you ever going to find time to successfully assemble, manage and lead a software development team that will play one of the most crucial roles in your company’s success? You need a team that knows what they’re doing and can take the lead in application development, giving you time to take care of everything else; like managing your business.

The Solution

With our proven experience in spearheading small to large application development projects, we can provide the leadership you need! Through every phase, we will deliver what we promise and protect your funds by ensuring application features are justified and prototypes/minimal viable products aren’t thrown away. At last, you can feel confident taking care of other things because you have a reliable, knowledgeable partner who knows exactly what’s required for success.

Can't justify full-time employees

Your Challenge

Financial commitments need to stay at a minimum. Your operating line has limited funds and you need to ensure you can allocate as much of it as possible to customer acquisition and getting a prototype or MVP released. You can’t justify a team of full-time software development employees based on the amount of work required and the fact that these resources will sometimes sit idle.

The Solution

With us as your technical partner, you’ll have access to smart cost cutting solutions, established procedures to save time, and a transparent process with technical leadership to help make the project a success. Our team can accommodate a wide range of needs. You can invest in our abilities and experience as you need them for crucial deadlines or save budget when possible. Finally, you can achieve the results you need without the burden of more salaries.

Tight deadlines & deliverables

Your Challenge

You’ve got big goals to achieve and high pressure deadlines for investors and pitches. There’s a long road of expectations to meet or you’ll risk losing the success that follows. You could bootstrap your in-house team, but with all of the pressure they’re under fulfilling other requirements, they don’t have time to deliver what’s needed with another excruciating deadline.

The Solution

With our proven track record, we can handle pressure and successfully meet your custom application deliverables, while reducing strain on your team. We excel at finding ways to maximize production time; often it means developing multiple pieces of the architecture in tandem or quick and cost effective development iterations/pivots to give you the flexibility to respond to requirement changes from customer and investor feedback. Now you’ll have more ways to tame those deadlines.

Common concerns companies face when undertaking custom application develoment solutions

Getting To Market on Time

Getting To Market on Time

With a 100% success rate in custom developed application launches, we’re used to working under pressure and excel at maximizing production time through planned phasing, prioritizing features, and rapid iteration to get you to market on time.

Meeting Budget

Meeting Budget

We adhere to your budget by creating custom application solutions that will adapt to changing requirements, provide the best cost-to-performance ratio, and scale for long-term ROI. To avoid costly obstacles, we address risks and mitigation techniques early. You will also receive regular updates on how we’re tracking so there are no surprises.

Team Integration

Team Integration

We are well-versed in adapting to team dynamics and adjusting our approach to work effectively with your team and stakeholders. We respect the talent at the table and will ensure your project goes smoothly by being flexible as your needs evolve, while ensuring regular communication and transparency.


Having Control of the System

No need to worry about vendor lock-in. We’ll ensure you have easy access to your custom application's source code, thorough documentation, and a hassle-free transition to your internal sustainment team or another vendor if needed.

Learn about the challenge Veuhub faced

Building a business platform for Veuhub

  • Plan and budget the project over several phases
  • Architect all platform systems and required infrastructure
  • Develop the front-end, back-end and micro services for the platform
  • Sustain the project after go live by providing ongoing guidance, support, development resources and infrastructure management


We've partnered with Northsail on several high profile projects over the years and have come to value them as an indispensable resource. Northsail is able to take our creative digital projects and help turn them into technical realities - crafting our designs into breathtaking final products.

The Northsail Difference

Our Journey Together

We see ourselves as embarking on an exciting journey with our clients and the long-term relationships we foster. We build meaningful partnerships that continue even after a project has been delivered.

Unmatched Quality

We relentlessly pursue quality, while keeping your project on-time, on-budget and on-spec. We stand by our work and back it with an industry-defining six-month peace-of-mind warranty.

Guaranteed Success

We are a highly-specialized team of experienced, senior-level resources. We do not offshore any element of our work or process, which allows us to be selective, only taking on partnerships that are the right fit and where we can guarantee the success of a project.

Ready to successfully launch your custom developed application?

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