Why Work
With Us

We strive for smooth sailing and calm waters.

Finding a partner with the right qualifications is just as important as finding one you’ll enjoy working with. We go beyond great development by ensuring you have an exceptional client experience every time you work with us.

Why you'll enjoy working with us

We want you to be crazy happy

Your complete satisfaction is the true measure of our success and what drives us beyond great development. We want a long-term relationship with you so we can continue adding value and supporting your business year after year.

We deliver what we promise

We’ve never had a botched launch and we intend to keep it that way! You can always rely on us to be the responsive, knowledgeable partner who delivers exceptional workmanship on-time and on-budget.

Boutique but mighty

Many think you need a giant team to execute a project; we disagree. We believe in the 80/20 rule; 80% of the results come from 20% of those doing the work. As a boutique firm, you’ll notice that we can get more done in less time because we’re a strong, experienced team who is highly adaptable and nimble. If we need more hands, we simply tap into our resource of exceptional close-knit partners. With modern technology such as Google Hangout, Slack and Skype, remote access to our team members is seamless.

You Aren't Going To Need It (YAGNI)

Sometimes the features you think you need, you don’t. We work on the YAGNI principle which simply states that every software feature needs to justify its existence before you spend time and money developing it. Why build layers of complexity you don’t need? Simplicity is key and with our expertise, you won’t be paying for anything you aren't gonna need.

We're not all tech talk

We work with a lot of clients who have different levels of knowledge when it comes to software development so we can talk tech in plain English that makes sense.


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