Announcing Lighthouse

Our crew has been hard at work crafting something new and exciting. We are proud to finally announce Lighthouse by Northsail.

Lighthouse is a powerful digital marketing analytics and reporting platform that turns mountains of big data into new, unique and real-time insights by simplifying, automating and streamlining operations. In other words, we harness your data to help you identify new opportunities that can lead to more informed business decisions, greater operational efficiencies and, ultimately, higher gross profit margins.

Why Lighthouse?

The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a navigational aid and to warn vessels of dangerous areas. We see this being synonymous with our purpose -- to empower our clients to safely navigate their big sea of data.

The Beta Program

We are looking for select digital marketing agencies to take part in the Lighthouse beta program. We welcome you to request access for the opportunity to help shape the final product.

To discover more about Lighthouse and request access to the beta program please visit

Let’s go chart a new course together!