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The Vision of Veuhub: An All-In-One Video Content-Matchmaking Platform

As a funded startup, the vision of Veuhub was to become an online all-in-one video content-matchmaking platform. A place where creators of quality video content could post their work, and where publishers could discover and embed this premium content into their existing websites.

While the concept was exciting, resources were limited and in-house expertise required for the architecture and development was missing. Add to this an aggressive go-to-market timeline with high expectations and it was clear that a skilled technical partner would be essential to the overall success. It was also imperative that the selected team could quickly and cost effectively iterate and pivot throughout the development process to maximize efficiencies, time and budget.

Services Provided





Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse





The Challenge

To create a platform that would generate revenue for Veuhub, creators and publishers through an infrastructure that was affordable and sustainable to run, while delivering high availability and scalable performance.

The dashboard had to provide an easy, well-organized and intuitive way for publishers to discover and use videos from creators on their websites, while accurately tracking metric and financial performances between the two parties.

In addition to offering a scalable infrastructure that could rapidly serve millions of videos per day at scale, it also had to allow other networks to ingest Veuhub’s content through MRSS feeds, and integrate with ad exchanges for financial reporting.

Our Solution

The success of this project began with a phased blueprint designed to build a minimum viable product (MVP) of the platform and bring it to market as soon as possible. This allowed for faster, smaller releases, and quick feedback from stakeholders, content creators and publishers.

After assessing the project, we divided it into three, very specific key phases, each designed to tailor to the needs of a subsequent phase based on performance, utilization and feedback. These phases included:



  • Phase 1
  • Dashboard
  • Embed
  • Analytics
  • Elastic Transcoding
Data Infrastructure


  • Phase 2
  • Phase 1 Feedback
  • Automated Jobs
  • Feed Ingestion
  • Ad Exchange Integrations
  • ETL Processes

Fully Functional

  • Phase 3
  • Phase 2 Feedback
  • System Enhancements
  • Publisher MRSS Feed
  • In-Depth Reporting


  • Phase 4+
  • Technical Guidance
  • Feature Planning
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Support

In order to rapidly process content from MRSS feeds and serve millions of videos per day, digital footage posted by creators was added to the system through an automated process that:

  • Downloaded high-resolution video masters
  • Transcoded masters to various resolutions and bitrates
  • Generated thumbnails and poster images
  • Cleaned video metadata, such as title, description and attribution
  • Tagged and categorized videos
  • Approved videos that met specific conditions
Veuhub MRSS

We created underlying systems, infrastructure and all of the “boilerplate”, so creators only had to supply content, and publishers only needed to supply their websites and pageviews.

The Key Technologies

Microsoft .Net
API Gateway
Elastic Transcoder

The Metrics of Success

We successfully delivered a sophisticated solution that:

  • Is scalable in performance and cost
  • Has high availability with a 99.9% SLA
  • Is affordable to run from an infrastructure and maintenance perspective
  • Generates revenue for creators, publishers and Veuhub, making it a sustainable business
  • Allows fast onboarding of creators and publishers to support rapid growth

The final result:

Applying our strengths in architecture, feature scoping and iterative design, we achieved every requirement of Veuhub’s platform within the aggressive timeframe, and helped our client successfully go to market while satisfying the demands of its investors. Today, we continue to work with Veuhub by providing sustainment and ongoing feature developments.

Veuhub Final Result
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