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You see brilliant
business operation opportunities.

We develop custom applications to make them happen.

With our expertise and proven experience in developing custom intelligent business applications, we can help you:

  • Streamline operations to increase efficiencies and productivity
  • Increase bottom line profitability by saving time and money
  • Make better use of your resources
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Have greater access to data and reporting to improve decision making
  • Efficiently grow your business


  • Software Consultation
  • Architecture Assessment
  • System Analysis & Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • API Development
  • Prototype Development
  • MVP Development
  • Software as a Service Development
  • Product Development
  • Platform Development
  • Data Warehousing
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Sustainment
  • DevOps

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We solve challenges for business owners & managers just like you

Do you have a unique operational challenge or idea to streamline your process, but can't find off-the-shelf software that will do it?

If so, a custom business application could be just what you need.

While each custom application will be different based on a client's requirements; experience has taught us that in many cases every unique software solution starts by addressing a very similar business need.

Some of the most common challenges we've helped business founders, CEOs and Managers to solve include:

Legacy software causing inefficiency

Your Challenge

You’ve had an integral piece of software in place for years and while it’s worked fairly well, it’s showing its age and isn’t what it used to be. The system is running slower and reports are taking too long which is hindering company processes. Its legacy issues are also causing system downtime, as well as compatibility problems with other software.

The Solution

We’ll take the worry out of what to do by assessing your current system based on your needs and guiding you on the best way to move forward. Let’s squash those legacy issues and find the right solution (and it may not be starting from scratch).

Manual processes costing time & money

Your Challenge

A manual process has always been the way it’s been done, but it’s no longer working. Sales are increasing and staff can’t keep up; too much time is being wasted entering data multiple times because software systems aren’t connected, errors are growing, adding another Excel sheet isn’t going to help, and driving staff costs up is not an option. If you don’t automate soon, you could be jeopardizing the company’s growth.

The Solution

With an application that’s perfectly tailored to your unique process, we will automate and streamline your business like never before. It’s time to turn your operations into a well-oiled machine with a healthier bottom line.

Difficulty managing & making use of your data

Your Challenge

The existing infrastructure of your system is very frustrating. It doesn’t provide you with the reporting or data you need to do your job properly. Plus, information is scattered across your company over multiple sources, making it difficult to manage. Your staff can’t securely share data with customers or vendors and don’t have a central location to access all of the information they need.

The Solution

Our tailored solution will give you the infrastructure you need to merge data and generate reports exactly the way you want, while improving efficiency with staff, customers and suppliers with easy access to information. At last, you can enjoy a whole new level of data connectivity, sharing and reporting that puts you in control.

Maintaining existing software & adding new features

Your Challenge

The custom software you have in place is working fine for your operations, but the developer you originally worked with is no longer in business. You’re stuck; how do you maintain the system by correcting a few bugs and add more functionality so that it evolves with your business needs? You’ve always wanted a particular feature and now you may never get it.

The Solution

With the wealth of experience our team has in various programming languages, techniques and troubleshooting, you no longer have to feel stranded. We’ll assess your system and share an easy to understand diagnosis of how to fix the bugs and the best way to add that new feature you’ve wanted for so long. Finally, the worry about your system’s maintenance will be over.

What are the most common concerns companies face when undertaking software projects?

Affording the application

Using our skills and ingenuity, we'll offer you multiple approaches at different budget levels so you can find the solution you're most comfortable with. The numbers and ROI have to make sense.


Changing to a new application

Having to get used to 'the new normal' and adjusting to change can be challenging for staff. That's why we take great care in developing your application's user experience to be easy, logical and efficient. We also provide your staff with complete training to make the transition a positive one!


Having time to develop it

We can develop a prototype and work on an iterative approach to make things happen quickly. We can also recommend using existing solutions on the market if they solve your needs and meet aggressive deadlines.


Having control of the system

No need to worry about vendor lock-in. We'll ensure you have easy access to your application's source code, thorough documentation, and hassle-free transitions to your internal sustaintment team or another vendor if needed.

Learn about the challenge Pretext faced

Pretext: Creating an enterprise-level document management system

  • Create a robust, flexible document management system
  • Architect the layout/user interface, including intelligent search capabilities and overall flexibility
  • Sustain the company through growth, both in terms of file volume and staff
  • Accommodate unique requests based on future user wants/needs


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